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Safeguard Coastal Funding

Click here to  PDF Version As Louisiana is poised to spend some of its BP oil spill settlement on the state operating budget, now is a good time to evaluate the appropriate use of the various new revenue sources the state is receiving related to coastal damages and offshore drilling. The state’s actions could affect future […]


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Proposed Constitutional Amendments by Keyword 1974- 2018

Ad valorem November 6, 2012 (3) Civil Service Commission November 6, 2012 (1); November 21, 1987 (5); September 27, 1986 (3); November 6, 1984 (5) Coastal restoration September 30, 2006 (1)(2); October 4, 2003 (2)(3); October 21, 1995 (9) Constitutional convention November 3, 1992 (3) Crime prevention November 6, 2012(1) Economic development October 4, 2003 [...]

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Voting on Louisiana Proposed Constitutional Amendments 1978-2019

Voting on Louisiana Proposed Constitutional Amendments 1978-2020 December 5, 2020 1.) Out-of-State Members of College Boards. A vote for would allow a person who lives out-of-state to serve as a member on the state’s public college management boards. A vote against would keep the membership of college boards restricted to Louisiana residents. Act 10 (Senate [...]

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Additional Information

Legislators’ Election & Compensation The Legislature consists of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The state constitution establishes the maximum number of senators and representatives, which is the present membership: Senate, 39; House, 105; total, 144. Elections The constitution specifies that each member of the Senate and the House be elected from […]

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Guide Update

Changes in House Membership – Rep. Jeff Hall (D) was elected on February 21, 2015, to the District 26 seat. He replaced Rep. Herbert Dixon (D), who stepped down in December 2014. Rep. Blake Miguez (R) was elected on February 21, 2015, to the District 49 seat. He replaced Rep. Simone Champagne. (R), who vacated […]

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