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1.31.23 SADOW: Louisiana Needs An Overhaul Of Road Funding Taxes

1.31.23 Roundup: Fossil fuel development / PAR conference / Consumer confidence

1.27.23 Public transit use in Louisiana trails the national average

1.26.23 Louisiana officials look for alternate solutions for transportation project funding

1.25.23 Port of South Louisiana won’t release documents officials say justify $445 million Avondale deal

1.23.23 How will state fund future transportation projects as gas tax revenues decline?

1.20.23 Louisiana officials look for solutions for transportation project funding

1.18.23 PAR Analysis: Flush with Tax Revenue, It’s Time for Louisiana to Plan for ‘Serious Financial Headwinds’


12.19.22 Our Views: Once again, will Legislature be future-foolish?

12.9.22 Louisianans to vote Saturday on three constitutional amendments

12.7.22 What is on the December ballot for voters across Acadiana?

12.6.22 Non-citizen voting, Senate confirmations among amendment items in Dec. 10 vote

12.6.22 A breakdown of Louisiana’s Dec. 20 amendments

12.5.22 December Election results Parish by Parish

12.5.22 Inside John Schroder’s ‘crusade’ against ESG: National groups, Fox News and former Trump pick

12.1.22 Legislators begin review of Louisiana Constitution with eye toward partial overhaul

11.30.22 Recommendations for amendments

11.30.22 Can lawmakers resist tapping into La. savings account before it meets its threshold? 

11.30.22 THE FORUM: Recapping the November Election

11.29.22 Three constitutional amendments on the December 10th ballot

11.29.22 On the ballot: Voter ID, commission appointments subject of 3 proposed constitutional amendments

11.29.22 PAR commentary: State should avoid using trust fund to cover budget shortfalls

11.27.22 3 more constitutional amendments for Louisiana to consider Dec. 10

11.25.22 Early voting underway for December election

11.24.22 The Empty Podium: Analyzing why political candidates turn down debates

11.23.22 Donelon: Claims of insurance crisis in Louisiana true

11.22.22 Louisiana runs into problems distributing lawmakers’ pet project money

11.11.22 Louisiana constitutional amendments on Dec. 10 ballot

11.8.22 Voters Decide on 8 Constitutional Amendments (Election Results)

11.8.22 Election Day winners in Louisiana: Find out results for key state and local races, ballot amendments, more

11.8.22 ‘Fiscal cliff’ ahead for Louisiana coastal restoration efforts, report warns

11.8.22 What you need to know on this Election Day

11.7.22 8 proposed amendments to Louisiana Constitution explained

11.7.22 Hot Seat: Breaking down the 8 constitutional amendments

11.7.22 Louisiana Election Day: Who’s on ballot; what are the constitutional amendments?

11.7.22 ELECTION DAY: Reminders for Nov. 8 election in La.

11.7.22 Special Report: Voting-system firms battle right-wing rage against the machines

11.6.22 Calcasieu voters urged to be prepared ahead of Tuesday

11.3.22 Constitutional Amendment #6 seeks to cap property tax rate hikes in Orleans Parish

11.3.22 Political Expert Explains Constitutional Amendments to Concerned Citizens

11.1.22 Louisiana voters to decide on 8 constitutional amendments this election. Here’s what they mean

11.1.22 Louisiana constitutional amendments: What you need to know before you vote

10.26.22 PAR Analysis: Voter Registration trends in Louisiana

10.26.22 PAR releases guide to proposed Constitutional Amendments

10.25.22 Eight constitutional amendments on Nov. 8 ballot

10.25.22 Constitutional Amendments on the Nov 8th ballot: C.A. 2 provides huge tax breaks for disabled veterans

10.25.22 What you need to know about the 8 constitutional amendments on the November 8 ballot

10.24.22 Louisiana early voting starts Tuesday. What’s on ballot in Lafayette?

10.20.22 Our Views: Our recommendations on constitutional amendments on Nov. 8 ballot

10.19.22 Louisiana voter to decide on constitutional amendments on Nov. 8

10.17.22 What you need to know about Constitutional Amendment 5 heading into Nov. election

10.17.22 Election Coverage: Amendments 1-4

10.16.22 State pledges to boost minority hiring on projects

10.13.22 Viewpoint: Nov. 8 ballot includes 8 constitutional amendments

10.12.22 Election Coverage: Amenment 2

10.12.22 PAR hosts webinar to explain proposed amendments

10.12.22 PAR report: State’s rainy day account growing

10.10.22 Nov. 8 Election Coverage: Amendment 1

10.10.22 Guest column: In settling old debts, governor and Legislature are doing something right

10.7.22 Governor, lawmakers wipe long-term debts off books

9.28.22 PAR releases guide to proposed Constitutional Amendments

9.23.22 Brumley touts reading push but says retention plan may change, ‘We have to act’

9.19.22 Talks begin around goals for tax reform in Louisiana

9.11.22 Jim Beam column: Good education creates jobs

9.9.22 PAR warns of coastal ‘fiscal cliff’

9.9.22 Can Louisiana compete with Texas by eliminating its state income tax?

9.8.22 PAR supports push for new statewide voting system with a paper record

8.24.22 Public Affairs Research Council; a watchdog for your constitutional rights and more

8.16.22 Oil spill recovery funds for Louisiana’s coastal projects will dry up within a decade

8.16.22 Policy group warns of ‘fiscal cliff’ for coastal restoration projects as BP settlement money ends

8.15.22 How will the coastal restoration plan be funded once oil spill money runs dry?

8.15.22 Oil spill recovery cash finances Louisiana’s coastal projects but will disappear by 2032

8.10.22 City Court judge responds to LCG lawsuit: They’ve had access to those records

7.23.22 Guest column: Districting fight? Focus on Louisiana’s staggering problems

7.21.22 Louisiana commission halts $39 million to New Orleans S&WB for abortion ban defiance

7.21.22 After difficult redistricting battles, Louisiana leaders must work together

6.20.22 PAR: Lawmakers inaction puts Louisiana’s congressional map in judiciary’s hands

6.19.22 Our Views: With a gusher of federal funds, it’s back to the future for free-spending legislators

6.11.22 ‘Common-sense thinking prevailed’: Lawmakers spent on roadwork, rejected burning social issues

6.7.22 As session ends, Edwards won’t veto transgender athlete bill

5.30.22 Budget’s done but other issues await lawmakers in final week

5.28.22 ‘I feel like Santa Claus.’ Legislators doled out $100 million in pet projects this year

5.22.22 Our Views: Believe it or not, some things to applaud in the Legislature

5.20.22 Louisiana budget 2022-23: Winners and losers

5.19.22 Guest column: Pet projects divert millions from actual state priorities

5.10.22 PAR cautions state legislators to treat budget bonus as short-term boost

4.22.22 Lawmakers load up state budget with pet projects chosen behind closed doors

4.22.22 PAR critical of millions in earmarks contained in state budget plan

4.20.22 St. Mary Economic Development Director Named to PAR Leader Council

4.14.22 Louisiana Senate passes bill to allow retired teachers to return to the classroom

4.11.22 Bill aims to allow retirees to return to work to help with teacher shortage

4.5.22 Roundup: PAR conference / Highest-paying jobs / Cost cutting

4.4.22 Mornings with Brian Haldane: Steven Procopio 4-4-22

4.1.22 Louisiana: The State We’re In

3.31.22 Lanny Keller: How pork barrel scams in Legislature rented a buddy for Baton Rouge parks

3.13.22 A gusher of money, if the Legislature can figure out how to avoid wasting it

3.12.22 At Legislature: Budget, culture wars, redistricting rehash

3.11.22 As legislative session looms, fight over Mississippi River Bridge funding brews

3.10.22 College Enrollment in Louisiana is Declining. Why?

3.9.22 Policy Group: Edwards’ Spending Proposal a ‘Smart Start’ for Negotiations

3.5.22 Budget architects seek to avoid mistakes of the last time treasury was flush

3.4.22 Governor’s budget called strong start

3.3.22 Roundup: Gov. Edwards’ budget / NFL and COVID / YEA pitch night

2.23.22 Guest column: Legislature sought public input in redistricting, but most ignored it

2.9.22 Louisiana Legislature leadership’s law firm contract for redistricting raises questions

2.7.22 Litigation over redistricting appears inevitable

2.4.22 Franchise tax exemption eliminates headache for most small businesses

2.1.22 Louisiana redistricting session begins with late rush of maps, controversy for governor

1.30.22 Jim Beam column: State budget plan good one

1.26.22 Chamber envisions Tangipahoa’s future

1.24.22 Monday Matters – Redistricting Gets Contentious

1.24.22 Teacher pay raises, new bridges: Here’s Gov. John Bel Edwards’ plan for spending Louisiana’s extra revenue

1.24.22 PAR calls for transparency, long-term thinking with budget windfall

1.20.22 PAR outlines key debates for redistricting session

1.19.22 Our Views: Don’t blow the money from the feds, invest it

1.18.22 Get to know PAR’s Steven Procopio

1.12.22 Louisiana Considered

1.12.22 Louisiana Public Affairs Research supports using ‘excess cash’ for levee debt

1.7.22 Louisiana: The State We’re In

1.7.22 3 Things to Know: Steven Procopio


4.19.21 Legislative committee rejects tax hike on top earners, approves corporate tax swap

4.19.21 Competing bills to lower income tax rates, cut tax breaks advance in Louisiana House

4.14.21 Effort underway to lower income taxes in Louisiana– but at a cost; here’s the proposal

4.13.21 Lawmakers aim to reduce income tax but toss out federal tax deductions

4.13.21 Louisiana lawmakers take first steps to overhaul tax system, sales tax collections

4.12.21 PAR Publishes ‘Fiscal Crossroads’ commentary on legislative session

4.11.21 ICYMI: Watch This Week in Louisiana Politics for April 11th

4.3.21 Political Horizons: Restrictions on voting likely to be controversial in the Legislature

3.23.21 Robert Travis Scott Talks Upcoming Legislative Session

3.21.21 Political Horizons: Wording in $1.9 trillion stimulus raises concerns with states

3.3.21 OPINION: Tommy: Finding the right balance between business and public health

2.18.21 ACLU, PAR critical of AG’s reverse lawsuit against newspaper

2.5.21 Tax system revamp for Louisiana is in the works with one overall goal: lowering rates


10.13.20 Robert Travis Scott, Clarissa Ward, Brad Meltzer

10.7.20 A Menagerie of Amendments: Constitutional Changes | Robert Travis Scott | Newsmakers

5.8.20 Northshore only part of state with coronavirus case growth, report finds

1.6.20 Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana – WBRZ 


7.28.19 State’s needs are tough sell

7.28.19 Louisiana candidates urged to ‘reset’ conversation on policy

7.27.19 La. governor candidates urged to ‘reset’ conversation on policy

7.26.19 Tired of being 50th? RESET Louisiana sets path out of cellar

7.26.19 PAR to release report on Louisiana Constitution reform

7.26.19 Louisiana candidates urged to ‘reset’ conversation on policy

7.26.19 Government watchdogs look to refocus Louisiana’s campaign conversation with RESET proposals

7.25.19 Three groups calling for RESET

7.17.19 Hitting the RESET button on better Louisiana government

7.10.19 American Tinnitus Association Elects Five New Members to its Board of Directors

7.8.19 Letters: Ethics board’s issues not inspired by 2008 law

7.7.19 Our Views: Before you get our votes, tell us what is your plan

7.3.19 With state election approaching, reform groups prepare to ‘reset’ Louisiana’s long-term priorities

6.27.19 Louisiana pensions still have sizable funding gaps, but state improves in this key metric, report shows

5.15.19 Capitol Views: Constitutional convention study on the move

5.14.19 PAR shares ideas to improve governance

5.8.19 Letters: Want fair district lines in Louisiana? These steps must happen to keep process transparent

5.8.19 2019 WIB: Donna Saurage

4.28.19 Our Views: GOP hopefuls should be sensible about Medicaid expansion

4.27.19 Why Jim Richardson leaving this powerful Louisiana panel is big news for future tax, budget issues

4.26.19 Sports gambling is not the way to build Louisiana’s budget

4.26.19 Our Views: Avoid making Trump trade wars tougher on Louisiana

4.24.19 Gov. Edwards to be 1st Louisiana governor in 20 years to debate opponents on TV … if they accept

4.23.19 Lanny Keller: Does it really feel like there’s a governor’s race in Louisiana happening?

4.22.19 Our Views: Kicking the can down the road on tax reform in Louisiana

4.13.19 Gov. John Bel Edwards leads the pack for re-election, but will incumbency help or hurt him?

4.13.19 Political Horizons: Party bickering continues in Louisiana Legislature despite Gov. Edwards’ partisanship appeal

4.13.19 Stephanie Grace: In Louisiana governor’s race’s first showdown, candidates talk past one another

4.12.19 2019 Gubernatorial Forum

4.12.19 Revenue in hand, lawmakers can start arguing about how to spend it

4.12.19 Edwards, Abraham See State Headed In Two Different Directions

4.12.19 The Rundown: Gov. Edwards squares off with opponent for the first time and other Louisiana politics news

4.11.19 Watch: PAR Videos of Edwards, Abraham forum

4.11.19 Edwards, Abraham face off at governor candidates’ forum

4.11.19 Gov. Edwards, GOP challenger Abraham debate health care, taxes, more at policy-focused forum

4.11.19 Edwards and Abraham face off in first debate

4.11.19 Louisiana officials push public-private partnerships for infrastructure

4.11.19 TODAY: Gov. Edwards, Rep. Ralph Abraham speak at La. governor’s race forum

4.7.19 State elections loom over legislative session

4.5.19 Louisiana lawmakers pack schedules with fundraisers ahead of session’s start; see list of events

4.4.19 Lawmakers To Debate Legalizing Sports Betting In Louisiana

3.23.19 Political Horizons: Despite talks among Louisiana GOP, no move yet to reduce sales taxes

3.18.19 Our Views: Small-town speed traps aren’t solutions to town’s problems

3.17.19 Time to put candidates on spot

3.17.19 Our Views: Don’t lose the chance for reform, a 2020 vision

3.12.19 Lanny Keller: A tale of two economic worlds, North Carolina and Louisiana

3.11.19 Louisiana Good-Government Groups Announce Partnership to Produce Electoral Agenda

3.9.19 Mark Ballard: Giving Voters A Say in Homestead Exemption Will Be Hot Topic

3.9.19 A growing number of towns rely on speeding ticket fines; Here’s how officials are trying to change that

2.25.19 John White Says the Governor Left Early Childhood Care Out of Budget Proposal

2.18.19 La. Politics: Business Group Taking New Approach To Elections

2.18.19 Republicans seek information about Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Upcoming business summit

1.16.19 New Internet Sales Tax Begins Rolling Out In Louisiana

1.9.19 Photos: The Advocate’s 2019 Economic Outlook Summit


11.7.18 It may be legal now, but don’t look to play DraftKings any time soon

11.6.18 Six amendments to Louisiana’s constitution are on the ballot November 6th

11.3.18 Editorial: More Than a Publisher

11.1.18 Will strong early voting translate to Election Day?

11.1.18 Louisiana elections 2018: A guide to the constitutional amendments on your ballot

10.30.18 Should Felons be Allowed to Run for Office Right Out of Prison?

10.28.18 Reader shares recollection of old 90

10.25.18 La. voters to decide whether to legalize online fantasy sports gambling

10.22.18 Early voting opens Tuesday in Louisiana’s statewide election

10.22.18 Your guide to Louisiana’s 2018 constitutional amendments

10.17.18 Redevelopment of Chase South Tower will add up to 150 apartments to downtown Baton Rouge

10.16.18 Understanding constitutional amendments in Nov. 6 election

10.15.18 Stephanie Grace: Why such wide support for Louisiana’s constitutional amendments? A better crop of questions

10.15.18 What the Nov. 6 amendments are all about

10.10.18 Publisher: Election Day and more amendments

10.8.18 One Acadiana Hosting Series of Fall Election Related Events

10.7.18 Rougarou Fest’s family-friendly spookiness is coming up

10.4.18 Ryan Principal Jason DeCuir appointed to the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana Constitutional Advisory Council

9.16.18 Louisiana may face lawsuit over internet sales tax plan

9.15.18 Charging internet sales tax in Louisiana might be much more complicated than you think…

8.28.18 Legislators eliminated state sales tax holidays – with one local exception

8.24.18 Our Views: In Louisiana, holiday of sorts suddenly canceled by ‘geniuses at the Legislature’

8.21.18 Local governments still must hold gun sales tax holiday even though the state won’t participate

7.24.18 Officials discuss the need for a constitutional convention

7.19.18 Finally, some good state news

7.12.18 Buying online? Purchases will fund local taxes next year

7.9.18 Internet sales taxes on way!

5.3.18 Hancock Whitney names John L. Daniel Baton Rouge market president

4.18.18 Council for Better Louisiana and Public Affairs Research give legislative update

4.18.18 New pension plan proposal for state employees advances

4.18.18 Experts say they don’t expect major action from state lawmakers

4.13.18 Louisiana Legislators Are Earning Big Money From Government Agencies — But Don’t Have to…

4.11.18 Bill may restore voting rights to convicted felons

4.6.18 Louisiana less politically, socially divided than much of the nation, Isaacson says during PAR keynote

3.29.18 Who are convention backers?

3.26.18 New state workers would have revamped retirement plans under bill that clears first hurdle

3.12.18 PAR releases Sunshine Week episodes (pdf)

3.10.18 Louisiana bill could make it harder to get sexual harassment documents

3.9.18 Reshaped pension proposed for future Louisiana state workers

2.2.18 Wampold buys Chase South Tower in downtown Baton Rouge, will convert to residential, retail, offices

1.26.18 WAGUESPACK: Spend It Differently This Time Around, And Maybe There Won’t Be Another Fiscal Cliff

1.19.18 Louisiana lawmakers wading into redistricting debate at LSU summit

1.14.18 GOP leaders playing hardball


12.21.17 Tax reform is on table again

12.19.17 Gov. Edwards Promotes Plan To Address La. “Fiscal Cliff”

11.26.17 Our Views: Louisiana needs to find a better way to draw electoral districts

10.23.17 Louisiana Voters OK Measure to Tighten Transportation Spending

10.14.17 Voters approve three constitutional amendments

10.11.17 Editorial: Saturday’s elections are important, too

10.9.17 Voters to decide fate of three constitutional amendments Saturday, Oct. 14

10.2.17 A Constitutional Solution to the Fiscal Cliff?

9.30.17 Louisiana has 3 constitutional amendments on Oct. 14 ballot: What you need to know

9.27.17 Election 2017: Guide to the Constitutional Amendments

9.26.17 Louisiana election: Voters to decide 3 constitution changes

9.20.17 James Gill: Pay attention; lest they lard up our constitution with amendments, again

9.18.17 Tulane gets $25 million to fund research at School of Medicine

9.17.17 Council for a Better Louisiana supports two proposed amendments

9.14.17 Three amendments on Oct. 14 ballot

9.13.17 Amendments deciphered: Here’s what they mean

9.12.17 Proposed Constitutional Amendments 2017: Property Taxes

9.11.17 Proposed Constitutional Amendments 2017: Dedicating Funds

7.19.17 Former head of charter group led by school district employees may return to public employment

7.14.17 Qualifying closes today; Louisiana Legislature not finished

7.5.17 High bill veto right decision

7.2.17 Our Views: Gov. John Bel Edwards was right to veto transportation bill he called too political

5.9.17 Money forces political tides to rise

5.8.17 Louisiana Legislature can still take steps toward long-term fiscal reform, PAR says

5.5.17 Analysis: La. constitutional convention talk growing louder

5.2.17 Capitol Views: House may vote on constitutional convention idea

5.2.17 Sen. Bill Cassidy forms panel to vet judicial, U.S. attorney nominees; John Kennedy goes it alone

4.23.17 Our Views: State Police scandal may have happened in Vegas, but it shouldn’t stay there

4.21.17 Live updates: Gov. John Bel Edwards speaking at PAR luncheon

4.21.17 Legislature could ‘punt’ on budget issues, Dardenne says

4.21.17 Analyst: Trump starting to act normal

3.29.17 John Bel Edwards proposes making more businesses pay, while lowering income taxes for most people

2.5.17 St. John becomes first parish to appoint registrar of voters under new rules


12.21.16 to start collecting taxes for online sales in Louisiana

11.08.16 Amendments deciphered: Here’s what they actually mean

11.08.16 News Guide: Open US Senate seat near top of Louisiana ballot

11.07.16 Our Views: Now, it’s time for your say

11.07.16 Our opinion: 6 last-minute election tips

11.06.16 Voters to cast ballots for president, other offices

11.01.16 Our opinion: Last chance to become an informed voter

11.01.16 Six Amendments in Six Days: Amendment 2

10.27.16 Amendment 5 would create revenue stabilization trust fund

10.26.16 Louisiana Constitutional Amendments

10.26.16 Students weigh-in on the pros and cons of Constitutional Amendment No. 2

10.26.16 A guide to the constitutional amendments on Louisiana’s fall ballot (courtesy of PAR)

10.25.16 Tax task force close to final plan for simplifying unstable system in Louisiana

10.25.16 Louisiana election ballot: What you need to know

10.22.16 Changes to tuition rules among 6 amendments on La. ballot

10.19.16 Recommendations on amendments

10.13.16 Publisher: How I’m voting on the constitutional amendments on Nov. 8

10.10.16 Amendments deciphered: Here’s what they actually mean

9.29.16 State budget task force still needs more time

8.25.16 Gasoline tax hike essential

8.21.16 Political Horizons: Fiscal revamp plans will have to go on despite disaster

7.21.16 It’s past time to solidify state finances

7.15.16 Louisiana must safeguard coastal money, watchdog group says

6.25.16 Think tanks: Louisiana’s future looks murky

6.24.16 Political analysts dissect Legislature’s moves to cover Louisiana’s budget shortfall

6.18.16 TOPS cuts could wreak havoc on university enrollments, push students out of Louisiana

6.11.16 Political Horizons: Tensions high in Louisiana House

6.10.16 Edwards announces transportation task force, names Louisiana DOTD chief Shawn Wilson as co-chair

6.8.16 PAR head talks about budget at BR Rotary Club

5.31.16 Increasing taxes could be a tough sell during La. second special session

5.27.16 Task Force eyes changes to Louisiana’s ‘complex’ and ‘flawed’ sales tax system

5.27.16 Gov. John Bel Edwards issues call for second special session, ‘bold decisions’ to close budget gap

5.23.16 Home Bancorp Appoints Three To Board Of Directors

5.15.16 Amid budget crunch, La. lawmakers target tax breaks

5.14.16 Cameron Henry moves from back bench to front line in Louisiana Legislature

5.12.16 Kill effort to end Inspector General’s Office

5.12.16 House GOP trying to help AG

5.10.16 Push to eliminate Inspector General’s Office, and its ongoing corruption investigations, draws criticism

5.4.16 Constitutional convention a last-ditch possibility, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards tells Rotary Club

5.2.16 Louisiana lawmakers need to ensure transparency in coastal fund spending, PAR says

4.29.16 Governor sets May 15 target for tax study recommendations

4.27.16 Legislators weigh taxes and TOPS

4.27.16 Successful entrepreneurs tout their businesses, products during first 1 Million Cups event

4.20.16 Medicaid expansion is good for uninsured Louisiana residents and the budget: Editorial

4.19.16 Alford: Questions about state spending on local government projects surface during budget crunch

4.18.16 House Speaker vs. Commissioner of Administration

4.15.16 Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards — with special session on horizon — eyes ‘comprehensive tax reform’

4.9.16 Ed Steimel, who left his mark on public policy in Louisiana, dies at age 94

4.5.16 Our Views: Regarding pensions, we aren’t forever opposed to COLAs, but…

4.4.16 Pension hikes for Louisiana retirees clear first legislative hurdle

3.21.16 Louisiana tax credits, exemptions: What’s worth keeping?

3.15.16 Corporate tax law rewrite emerges from special session

3.02.16 Inventory tax, Citizens rebate bills advance

2.22.16 After leaving Angola, Burl Cain to continue collecting $134,000 in regular paychecks through August

2.20.16 Our Views: Politics of Legislature stands in way of college changes

2.14.16 Louisiana’s budget is in bad shape, but it’s fixable: Editorial

2.12.16 Louisiana Public Broadcasting: The State We’re In

2.11.16 Louisiana’s current budget woes mirror 1988 financial gaps

2.07.16 Analysis: Edwards, lawmakers get spending cut suggestions

2.07.16 GOP unhappy with session agenda

2.02.16 GOP chairman of key legislative committee says tax hikes will face opposition

2.02.16 PAR wants cuts before taxes

1.23.16 Special report: How startling, unique cuts have transformed Louisiana’s universities

1.23.16 Are there too many universities in Louisiana?

1.20.16 Can a new collaborative get buy-in on a sustainable strategy for Louisiana’s colleges and universities?

1.12.16 Louisiana’s New Governor Signs an Order to Expand Medicaid

1.08.16 Medicaid program needs controls

1.06.16 Our Views: Huge gaps face Edwards

1.06.16 John Alario: State worker layoffs, furloughs expected without new revenue

1.04.16 Talk of taxes didn’t take long

1.03.16 Louisiana lawmakers and the incoming Edwards administration need to control Medicaid



12.30.15 Jay Dardenne: Louisiana budget messier than previously thought; tax increases on table

12.10.15 East Baton Rouge committee debates body camera guidelines

12.03.15 LABI calls on Louisiana lawmakers to review ‘locked-up’ spending as part of larger fiscal reform effort

12.02.15 John Bel Edwards to push for repeal of SAVE legislation

11.25.15 Another $48M taken from roadwork, steered to plug deficit

11.20.15 Groups decry using coastal money to balance budget

11.12.15 Where do the candidates for governor stand on fixing the state budget?

11.07.15 Political Horizons: A fiscal thundercould over the campaigns

11.04.15 Letters: The decline in voters in Louisiana is a troubling trend that needs to be examined

11.04.15 BRPD Chief: Body camera implementation going well

11.02.15 Our Views: Community Coffee owner Donna Saurage is a worthy winner of this year’s Golden Deeds Award

11.02.15 State Legislature Sees Little Turnover

10.26.15 Louisiana voter turnout was lower than expected – Why?

10.26.15 New funding option could be the answer to fix Shreveport’s streets

10.24.15 A look at statewide elections

10.23.15 Our Views: The Advocate encourages everyone to go to the polls Saturday and vote

10.23.15 News Guide: Louisiana governor’s race top of Saturday ballot

10.22.15 Concerns Over CPRA Compromise on LA 1 Continue

10.19.15 Our guide to the constitutional amendments

10.18.15 Analysis: Lighter load this year for voters on amendments

10.16.15 See which constitutional amendments are on Louisiana’s Oct. 24 ballot

10.11.15 Our Views: As Bobby Jindal touts ‘balanced’ budgets, Louisiana needs new revenues to clean up mess

10.09.15 Transportation aid tops short list of constitutional amendments

10.09.15 People can start voting early Saturday for Oct. 24 election

10.07.15 Recommendations on Constitutional Amendments

10.02.15 What you need to know about constitutional amendments on Oct. 24 ballot: PAR guide

9.30.15 PAR Releases Guide to the 2015 Constitutional Amendments

9.17.15 Public policy experts preparing presentations, findings for candidates ahead of Oct. primary

9.10.15 OPINION: Transportation funding woes part of a larger shell game

7.20.15 Jindal’s whoppers

7.14.15 Jindal’s false claim that Louisiana families will see a ‘tax cut’ through a new program

7.12.15 Political Horizons: No real relief on roads anytime soon

7.12.15 Our Views: Kudos to Bobby Jindal for retirement bill veto

7.10.15 Olivier: Infrastructure improvements need to keep pace with economic development advances in Livingston Parish

7.06.15 Louisiana can expect a lighter state ballot this fall with only four proposed amendments planned

7.05.15 Our Views: New year, new fixes needed in budget

6.30.15 KENNEDY: Louisiana Has A Spending Problem, Not A Revenue Problem

6.29.15 Jindal’s self-mythology: a 5-point primer

6.29.15 Voters could make four constitutional changes in fall

6.29.15 An inside look at financial details of St. George campaigns: Here’s what we know, don’t know

6.29.15 New cap on Louisiana’s generous film tax credits seen as botched, ‘short-term solution,’ but change may be coming again

6.24.15 Bobby Jindal’s priority as governor: Run Louisiana or run for president?

6.22.15 Gov. Bobby Jindal complimentary of state budget as he signs it into law

6.17.15 Four constitutional amendments approved by Legislature

6.15.15 Bobby Jindal’s dishonest scheme: Even fellow Republicans are embarrassed by this one

6.15.15 Mission accomplished on Louisiana budget? Lots of issues remain

6.15.15 $1.2 billion for health care in budget; future governor faces hospital funding challenges

6.13.15 It’s up to the next governor, Legislature to really fix taxes: Editorial

6.8.15 Louisiana Legislators ask Grover Norquist directly about Bobby Jindal’s ‘no tax’ pledge

6.7.15 Governor’s Office records bill clears final legislative hurdle

6.6.15 Jindal to decide on bill to open future governors’ records

6.6.15 Political Horizons: A budget accomplishment awash with glitches

5.27.15 Mitch Landrieu promises to use city email account for city business: Jarvis DeBerry

5.21.15 It’s time: Louisiana House vote on state budget looms; solutions offered don’t solve the problems, fiscal official says

5.18.15 Letter: LSU research needs state support

5.18.15 Watchdog group urges bold action to curb film tax credits with Louisiana’s film incentive program

5.13.15 Bobby Jindal’s plan to scrap Common Core would be costly, force Louisiana to revert to decade-old curriculum, PAR report says

5.10.15 Analysis: Lawmakers consider secrecy limits for new governor

5.09.15 Will legislators prove to be up to PAR?

4.30.15 Another Big Tobacco Bond Deal, Cajun Style

4.29.15 Senator seeks to end ‘abuse’ of public records law

4.28.15 Our Views: Great to see new PAR report could help advance transparency in Louisiana government

4.27.15 Gubernatorial candidates all tout commitment to transparency during PAR forum

4.22.15 Candidates for Louisiana governor say they would be more transparent than Bobby Jindal

4.20.15 State budget leaves $88 million gap for finishing new University Medical Center in New Orleans

4.12.15 How different will session be?

4.5.15 Louisiana universities missing out on valuable R&D opportunities: Editorial

4.1.15 The 2015 Legislative Session: Will Louisiana’s lawmakers make the tough choices necessary to deal with a $1.6 billion deficit?

3.31.15 PAR report: Louisiana, colleges rank poor but few steps off right track

3.31.15 PAR: State should focus on innovation to build industry

3.30.15 Louisiana universities, industry need to cooperate to foster innovation, report says

3.30.15 PAR Releases Report on Innovation in Louisiana

3.30.15 La. colleges, universities need to leverage research funds better to spur more innovation, PAR report says

3.27.15 To Balance Budgets, Governors Seek Higher Education Cuts

3.14.15 Quin Hillyer: Legislature needs backbone for budget

3.14.15 Lower taxes, less spending, still a deep deficit; Louisiana leaders face some tough budget decisions

3.14.15 Mysterious tax exemptions need to be addressed

3.7.15 Higher education must be saved

3.4.15 Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal pivots on tax credits, marking a big change in philosophy

2.19.15 Our Views: A bad idea for the coast

2.13.15 Jindal administration shouldn’t raid coastal trust fund to patch budget: Editorial

2.11.15 Expected deep cuts to higher ed has Jindal administration looking to adjust tax credits

2.11.15 Jindal’s claim that Louisiana’s higher education budget is ‘slightly higher’

2.10.15 Stephanie Grace: Jindal’s national stage takes hit from home

2.6.15 As Jindal’s G.O.P. Profile Grows, So Do Louisiana’s Budget Woes

2.2.15 We Get What We Vote For

1.19.15 ‘Why do evaluations if everyone is going to come out with flying colors?’ Louisiana’s state employee performance reviews raise questions

1.17.15 Political Horizons: Bad to worse for Jindal budget


12.19.14 Jefferson Parish School Board member Michael Delesdernier wants to change decisive vote on legal fees

12.3.14 Louisiana spent more on tax credits for ‘Green Lantern’ than it did on the University of New Orleans

12.3.14 Giving Away Louisiana: Industrial tax incentives State offers millions to lure major industries, but record of success is mixed

12.1.14 Giving Away Louisiana: Enterprise zone incentives

11.26.14 Giving Away Louisiana: An overview

11.21.14 Thomas Smith given LGA’s 2014 Hall of Fame award; new MidCity urgent care clinic: Weekly Business Bulletin

11.13.14 Jindal team rejects good advice

11.12.14 Louisiana needs smarter approach to managing state employee health care benefits: Editorial

11.11.14 PAR urges oversight changes for insurance program

11.9.14 Legislature needs to toughen Louisiana’s lax campaign spending rules: Editorial

11.5.14 Louisiana voters reject eight proposed amendments to state constitution

11.4.14 Understanding the constitutional amendments on today’s ballot

11.3.13 14 Amendments in 14 Days: Amendment 14

11.3.14 Campaigns wind down, now it is up to you

11.3.14 Today is election day

10.30.14 Why Rejecting Medicaid Expansion Isn’t Easy

10.30.14 Hurry Up and Vote!

10.28.14 Want to keep hurting Louisiana college students? Here’s how you can do it

10.27.14 La. leads nation in packing ballot

10.15.14 Constitutional amendment may change La. budget

10.14.14 Donna Jones appointed Alexandria city clerk

10.10.14 Former judge to share roots of Home Rule Charter

10.8.14 Transportation advocates organize to support Constitutional Amendment 4

8.29.14 After Charity Hospital Privatization, Trouble for BR General was Expected

8.13.14 DA Walter Reed uses campaign funds to hire lawyer

8.4.14 New questions from ex-girlfriend of St. Tammany DA about Reed’s campaign fundraising

8.4.14 Common Core division is philosophical, not personal

8.3.14 Analysis: Dispute over Common Core gets personal

7.30.14 Time to Study for Fall Elections

7.26.14 Gov. Jindal should let BESE defend itself on Common Core: Editorial

7.22.14 Stephanie Grace: Jindal fails leadership test on Common Core

7.22.14 La. Common Core debate rancorous

7.21.14 Jindal’s ‘dirty pool’

7.20.14 In Common Core fight, BESE’s role is to set academic standards: Editorial

7.18.14 Post-DA future for Reed includes healthy pension

7.17.14 PAR places education ‘crisis’ at Gov. Bobby Jindal’s feet

7.17.14 Common Core conversation fruitless between Bobby Jindal, John White

7.17.14 State officials failing us in education

7.17.14 Jindal intractable after meeting with White?

7.05.14 Our Views: A billion in the gap

7.02.14 John Kennedy: Louisiana taxpayers must demand fix for Medicaid

6.23.14 Our Views: Few goals, few gains

6.23.14 Our Views: Over time, real savings

6.14.14 Political Horizons: Teetering budgets

6.13.14 Actuary puts pension plan savings at $5 billion

6.11.14 Inside Report: Even losing, new group makes mark

6.09.14 MONDAY: State Rep. Karen St. Germain & Maj. Gen. John Basilica; and Comedian Kent Gonsoulin

6.09.14 Questions about east bank levee authority members’ terms could threaten authority’s environmental damages lawsuit

5.26.14 Governor deflects questions over travel

5.26.14 Our Views: Tulane’s bad rap

5.24.14 Hospital Reimbursement Rates vary across Louisiana

5.21.14 Reforms sought on Tulane Scholarship program

5.18.14 State leans heavily on federal dollars

5.15.14 Panel talks about hospital privatization in Baton Rouge

5.14.14 Legislature looking to increase monthly state retiree pensions

5.14.14 DA’s ex-fiancée reports bogus payments

5.12.14 Jindal pokes fun at alma mater during speech

5.10.14 Our Views: A cutback on credit

5.08.14 Poverty, unemployment still plague Louisiana

5.06.14 Bobby Jindal copes with rejection from feds: John Maginnis

5.06.14 Hospital funding rejection predicted, unheeded

5.05.14 Adviser says hospital decision may wreck budget

5.03.14 Tulane acts to implement legislative scholarship policy

5.03.14 Tammany DA continues habit of sending campaign cash to son

4.30.15 John Alario’s campaign paper trail leaves $31,000 unexplained, review finds

4.26.14 Adley makes changes to levee board bill, expects opposition

4.24.14 Common Core, state budget discussed at Monroe Chamber luncheon

4.20.14 Stephanie Grace: Bill eliminates board’s independence

4.20.14 Our Views: A government closed to you

4.19.14 Inside Report: Retirees eye debate over COLA’s link to pensions

4.19.14 Rewritten flood authority bill gives Jindal more power

4.16.14 Senate committee backs bill targeting levee board

4.16.14 Lawsuit bills could affect local boards

4.15.14 Don’t quit, Vance McAllister

4.11.14 Panel discussion at PAR meeting divided during ‘Kissing Congressman’ debate

4.09.14 Lawmakers will continue giving Tulane scholarships

4.08.14 Lawmakers to keep Tulane’s scholarship program, but reforms likely

4.04.14 St. Bernard resident nominated for seat on flood protection authority

4.04.14 Quin Hillyer: Jindal jujitsu, budget bust — or both

4.03.14 Chalmette HR manager Tyrone Ben nominated for St. Bernard seat on east bank levee authority

3.27.14 Forced Charity: LSU Hospital System Makeover

3.24.14 Feds asked to look into super PAC backing Vitter

3.22.14 Edwin Edwards poll, Palestine and Poverty Point, and more: Capitol Digest

3.21.14 Insight: On Ethics, Things Have Changed, Dilligence Needed to Keep it That Way

3.20.14 Guest Column: Change some, but not all, of the Ethics Code

3.19.14 Maginnis: Sen. Landrieu may benefit from enemies

3.19.14 Proposed bill would limit Jindal’s reach in higher education

3.18.14 New app tracks Louisiana elected officials

3.16.14 Are government bodies less transparent?

3.16.14 Louisiana should rein in the way political contributions are spent: Editorial

3.14.14 Louisiana watchdog calls for banning some campaign expenses, stricter disclosure

3.13.14 PAR Releases Free Legislative Guide App

3.12.14 Louisiana committee approves changes to state higher ed boards, fails to consider companion bill

3.08.12 Use of coastal fund is at center of state budget debate

3.06.14 Levee authority committee ignores Bobby Jindal rejection of one nominee, agrees to send him another

2.28.14 Gov. Jindal, Louisiana Legislature shouldn’t undermine levee reforms: Editorial

2.27.14 Our Views: A bundle of contrasts

2.24.14 Slick fiscal maneuvers can harm our state’s reputation

2.24.14 Mark Ballard’s “Political Horizons”: Jindal budget tactics raising eyebrows

2.24.14 Think tank criticizes Jindal’s use of coastal fund in budget

2.21.14 Insight: Jindal Budget Team Gets Creative to Make Ends Meet

2.20.14 Governor would have more say in appointing levee authority members, under proposed legislation

2.20.14 Budget gimmickry on the Bayou

2.19.14 Lee Zurik Investigation: Senate pres. spends $253K on Saints, Tigers

2.18.14 Jindal budget relies on piecemeal, surplus dollars

2.15.14 Mardi Gras delays budget hearings, Jindal to speak at 2014 RLC in New Orleans: Capitol Digest

2.13.14 Another View: Push Louisiana pols away from the freebie buffet

2.12.14 Undersecretary leaves Department of Health of Hospitals

2.12.14 Spend away? Or tighter regulations? How should Louisiana politicians spend campaign donations?

2.11.14 St. Tammany DA Walter Reed paid nearly $86,000 in campaign money to son’s companies

2.09.14 Lawmakers, other Louisiana politicians need to pay for their own tickets and other extras: Editorial

2.05.14 Lawmakers reviewing campaign spending rules have spent large sums on tickets, meals, more

2.04.14 Covington panel debates merits of Louisiana’s foray into Common Core

1.31.14 Gov. Jindal again trying to remove east bank levee authority president

1.31.14 Lee Zurik Investigation: One word means a fortune in campaign spending reports

1.30.14 Louisiana politicians spent millions on meals, golf, tickets, other perks, review shows

1.24.14 Insight: Hospital Privatization Fodder for Legislative Session and Governor’s Race

1.24.14 PAC seeks to override La. limit on donations

1.22.14 Well makes for deep divisions

1.20.14 Our Views: New doubts on a rush job

1.16.14 Legislature’s economist is the rare, outspoken state employee

1.04.14 Inside Report: Handling campaign funds


12.30.13 Editorial: UHC continues its mission to serve as a safety net

12.23.13 Report: Hospital overhaul fraught with ‘uncertainties’

12.23.13 Five years later, does Gov. Jindal’s ethics system work?

12.21.13 Hospital partnerships questioned

12.20.13 PAR: LSU hospital deals may face future shortfalls

12.20.13 Jindal’s hospital overhaul is financially risky in the long term, report says

12.20.13 Report: LSU hospital deals may face financial woes

12.20.13 Inside Report: Handling campaign funds

12.15.13 Editorial: State campaign fund laws need overhaul

12.05.13 PAR: Campaign finances rules should be more clear

12.05.13 La. government watchdog group seeking more detail in how public officials use campaign funds

12.04.13 Restrict sports tickets and other “perks” from political campaign expenses, lawmakers are urged

11.29.13 Our Views: The lifestyles of the powerful

11.24.13 Louisiana should make violators pay ethics fines: Editorial

11.20.13 Lee Zurik Investigation: “Some people’s voice counts more than others” in La. politics

11.20.13 Apparent campaign violations, large expenses should prompt reforms in Louisiana law, some say

11.16.13 Disparity in fee split raises questions about Tammany work-release program

11.13.13 Lee Zurik Investigation: Political war chests hold plenty of perks

11.13.13 From Saints tickets to pricey meals, some politicians using campaign cash for luxuries

11.12.13 Louisiana Ethics Board’s focus on small offenses lets larger violations go unnoticed, observers say

11.5.13 Film Industry Tax Credits under Scrutiny in Louisiana

11.4.13 Louisiana’s tax credits for the film industry reviewed

10.24.13 Our Views: A new step on standards

10.21.13 State’s supply of drug for executing prisoners has expired, says attorney for death-row inmate

10.15.13 Questions and answers about Common Core State Standards

10.10.13 St. Tammany School Board approves anti-Common Core Resolution

10.7.13 Another View: Common Core is about raising standards

10.6.13 Stephanie Grace: Little common ground on Common Core

10.6.13 Groups back Common Core

10.3.13 Groups issue statement supporting Common Core

9.30.13 Clock running out on flood authority’s days as a panel immune from political meddling

9.30.13 Proponent of oil, gas suit loses spot on levee board

9.25.13 Editorial: Reasons to pause for a little applause

9.24.13 Clock running out on flood authority’s days as a panel immune from political meddling

9.16.13 ‘Big Oil’ Suit Looms Over Louisiana Flood Board Nominatins

9.16.13 La. Department of Revenue: Gay couples must file separately

9.13.13 Jindal won’t reappoint 2 levee officials who support lawsuit against oil companies

9.13.13 Levee board suit supporters are likely to lose seats

9.1.13 Facing Fire Over Challenge to Louisiana’s Oil Industry

8.28.13 Jefferson hospital lease suitors to present in public; secretive conduct called into question

8.26.13 Editorial: MFP Task Force step in right direction for education reform

8.24.13 Political Horizons: Politics long part of tax assessments

8.23.13 Levee board appointments may let Jindal interfere with suit

8.19.13 State moves to fill 3 East Bank levee authority seats, including posts held by president, vice president

8.14.13 Beam: Duo holding NGOs accountable

8.9.13 Suit against oil companies to test law aimed at discouraging political meddling

7.30.13 Politics challenges historic lawsuit

7.19.13 Inside Report: After Jindal, a new vision for reforms?

4.15.13 Some Policy Analysts Say Ditch Tax Reform “Plan B”

3.17.13 Little data for Medicaid Opposition

3.12.13 PAR Pushes for More Study of Medicaid Expansion

3.13.13 PAR Asks Jindal for Medicaid Explanation

3.5.13 Tax Break Study Panel Releases Recommendations


11.13.12 PAR creates Louisiana tax code advisory group

10.10.12 November ballot: Understanding 9 Louisiana Constitutional Amendments WAFB Channel 9

9.30.12 PAR Releases 2012 Guide to the Constitutional Amendments Monroe News Star

9.28.12 PAR releases 2012 voters’ guide to proposed constitutional amendments Baton Rouge Business Report

8.3.12 PAR Urges State to Set RulesThe Advocate

7.23.12 Panel looking at cost, benefit of tax breaks in Louisiana New Orleans City Business

7.23.12 Lawmakers eye tax breaks The Advocate

7.21.12 Louisiana tax exemptions need thorough review, Public Affairs Research Council says
The Times-Picayune

7.21.12 Legislative study panel to evaluate costs and benefits of Louisiana tax breaksThe Times-Picayune

7.19.12 PAR urges state to set rules The Advocate

7.17.12 PAR: Hold legislative hearings on voucher standardsThe Times-Picayune

7.17.12 Group urges more accountability for statewide voucher program The Times-Picayune

7.1.12 As private school vouchers expand in New Orleans, eyes turn toward state for accountability plan The Times-Picayune

6.18.12 Louisiana retirement funding in bottom 5 The News Star

6.18.12 Pew report says La. among top 5 states with lowest retirement funding percentages The News Star

6.15.12 Why have a constitution? Bossier Press Tribune

6.12.12 The Rush to ‘Reform’ The Gambit

6.11.12 A contentious session The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

6.10.12 With vouchers, lawmakers should have asked sooner: Stephanie Grace The Times Picayune

6.08.12 Louisiana School Voucher Debacle Talk To Action

6.8.12 PAR assesses accountability issue of public education reform The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

6.8.12 Louisiana: The State We’re In (video) Louisiana Public Broadcasting

6.5.12 PAR head: Eliminating tax breaks tougher than it sounds The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

5.31.12 Inside Report: Only one way to go from top of greasy pole The Advocate