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State Budget Opportunities

State Budget Opportunities As the state budget process nears completion, the Legislature should keep the good fixes and make a few more ( PDF Version Here) The Louisiana House of Representatives made key improvements to the state budget that should be sustained as the Senate takes its turn reviewing the annual spending bills. Additional steps would further […]


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PAR Calls for Proper Use of Coastal Fund

(PDF Version Here) The Jindal administration’s proposed state budget for the next fiscal year is commendable in several important respects but contains some techniques for short-term revenue enhancements that are not in the state’s best interest in the long term. For those – including PAR – who want to see tight reins on government growth, […]

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State and Local Revenue and Spending: How Louisiana Compares Post-Katrina

Click here to download a copy of the report. The Public Affairs Research Council (PAR) today released a national comparison of state and local budgets that highlights the impact of hurricanes Katrina and Rita on Louisiana’s relative revenue and spending levels. “State and Local Revenue and Spending: How Louisiana Compares Post-Katrina” shows that Louisiana experienced […]

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Don’t raid the funds, PAR says

The state’s operating budget is out of balance for this year, severe cutbacks to essential services are proposed for next year and further major cuts are projected for the following year. As state budget officials seek ways to balance the budget without either raising taxes or severely cutting back on services provided to citizens, particularly […]

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