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Membership Information

Who May Join PAR?

Membership in PAR is open to the public. The minimum annual membership contribution for individuals is $100. PAR has a suggested dues schedule for businesses based on size and type of business with the minimum contribution being $200.

Why Join PAR?

PAR members not only get the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping make Louisiana a better place to live, work and do business, but they also receive all PAR publications and participate in other PAR-sponsored activities such as the organization’s annual conference, which is usually devoted to the “hot topic” of the day.

To a substantial degree, support of PAR has always represented an act of faith on the part of a contributor – faith that at some point government in Louisiana will be more accountable, more efficient and more responsive to its citizens because of the research and information provided by an organization like PAR. That faith has been rewarded time and again, as PAR recommendations have been implemented. Over the years PAR’s recommendations have saved taxpayers millions of dollars.

PAR has never accepted state funding in an effort to maintain its independence. Therefore, it is essential that PAR continue to receive the support of citizens interested in improving Louisiana government and moving Louisiana forward.

For more information about how to join PAR, please contact us at
(225) 926-8414.