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PAR Releases “Guide to the Constitutional Amendments”

PAR Releases “Guide to the Constitutional Amendments”

Posted: 09/29/2004

The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, Inc. (PAR) today released the “Guide to the Constitutional Amendments,” which objectively explains the potential impact of each of the four proposals facing the public on the November 2 election ballot.

“The PAR ‘Guide’ is designed to help voters better understand the propositions and determine for themselves whether to vote for or against each amendment,” said Jim Brandt, president of PAR. “While voters will face far fewer proposals than in the past two years, they will still have to familiarize themselves with some fairly complex and technical issues.”

The first proposal would provide a constitutional right to hunt and fish, subject to certain limitations. The second would ratify existing practices of many assessors in granting homestead exemptions to persons whose eligibility has been questioned. The third proposal would extend the veterans’ preference for public employment to include recent service. The fourth amendment would create a fund to assist farmers and fishermen using fees paid to use state-owned trademarks to promote Louisiana products.

Including the four new proposals, voters will have considered 189 proposed amendments since the 1974 constitution was adopted. Thus far, voters have approved 123 amendments, nearly doubling the length of the constitution. In evaluating each of the current proposals, Brandt urged voters to consider not only the merits of the amendment, but also whether the proposed language belongs in the constitution.

PAR members will receive a free copy of the “Guide to the Constitutional Amendments.” Others may order copies of the guide for $3.50 each by writing PAR at P.O. Box 14776, Baton Rouge, LA 70898-4776 or by calling (225) 926-8414. Special pricing is available for bulk orders. The Guide may also be accessed on PAR’s Web site at


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