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PAR Tax Advisory Group Issues Guidance and Initial Policy Recommendations

The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana established a Tax Advisory Group in November to consider tax policy reforms for Louisiana. The Group also anticipated that the governor would propose a tax reform agenda. So far the Group has discussed many, although by no means all, of the key issues and has heard from stakeholders, content experts and policy leaders. Administration officials have engaged in an open and constructive dialog with the Tax Advisory Group.

Although the work of the Tax Advisory Group is not complete, the public discussion is moving rapidly forward because of the reforms that will be considered in the upcoming legislative session. As an early stage effort to help guide public policy, the PAR Tax Advisory Group is presenting its consensus on principles and initial recommendations based on its work so far.(pdf available here). Also the group presents its initial response to the Governor’s reform package.

This is not a complete tax reform package but does address several key elements of tax policy. Other policy considerations are sure to emerge but this document reflects the items in which the Group found consensus support. As the governor’s proposal becomes more clear, we welcome more detail and further dialog on his important initiative.

The PAR Tax Advisory Group is comprised of the following members; Co-Chair: Jim Richardson, Louisiana State University economist and past PAR Chairman; Co-Chair: Robert Travis Scott, PAR President; Facilitator: Angele Davis, management consultant and former commissioner of administration; J.H. Campbell, Jr., Associated Grocers Inc. and PAR board member; John Dean, Heard, McElroy & Vestal LLC; Chris Dicharry, Kean Miller LLP; Mark Drennen, Cornerstone Government Affairs Group, former commissioner of administration and former PAR President; Nicole Gould, Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson LLP and former Department of Revenue attorney; Jerry Luke LeBlanc, University of Louisiana Lafayette, former commissioner of administration and former House Appropriations Chairman; John Pierre, Southern University Law Center; William Potter, Postlethwaite & Netterville; Kimberly Robinson, Jones Walker LLP and former attorney at the Department of Revenue and governor’s office; Tim Ryan, University of New Orleans economist; William Scheffy, former banker and CFO and PAR board member; Steven Sheffrin, Tulane University economist.

For more information about the PAR Tax Reform Group, please contact Robert Travis Scott, President, Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana at 225.926.8414 x 221 Office or 225.276.0794 Cell.


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