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Louisiana Open Meetings Resources

1002087lastatecapitolThe Open Meetings law allow citizens to observe the deliberations and actions of public bodies. This section contains resources about Louisiana’s open meetings law.

Along the left hand menu bar, you will find documents and tools on Louisiana’s Open Meetings Law. A few highlights:
Legal Resources – A copy of the Open Meetings Law, as well as a plain language translation is provided.

Tools – If you believe a violation of the open meetings law has taken place, you can find resources about what options are available to you on this page, including a template for a complaint letter. The Citizens Rights Card page provides you with an html and pdf version of your right under Louisiana’s Sunshine laws.

Additional Materials – An printable overview of the Open Meetings Law is available here. A fact sheet on Louisiana’s Open Meetings law is provided below.

Open Meetings Fact Sheets

The state public records law establishes what information must be shared with the public.