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PAR Coastal Project

Safeguarding Coastal Restoration Investments

PAR launched a new initiative providing ongoing fiscal oversight of the state’s spending on coastal restoration and protection and its job impacts. PAR has identified issues concerning fiscal policy, transparency and the decision making process but will not cover environmental or engineering evaluations.

The New Louisiana Purchase: Building Trust with Sound Coastal Investment Policies

This report focuses on the financial, budgeting, planning and contracting aspects of state coastal management rather than on environmental issues and specific restoration projects. PAR has ben working with a diverse group of stakeholders to develop this area of research and recommendations, including business, environmental and education groups and government agencies. PAR’s researchers have conducted extensive interviews, document reviews and collaborative forums. This report provides information about many of those stakeholders and their resources available to the public.

The views and research in these reports are not PAR’s, but are linked as an information service.

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Greater New Orleans, Inc: Analysis of Coastal Restoration Workforce Assets, Challenges, and Opportunities in South Louisiana