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Future Leaders Council


PAR established a Future Leaders Council (FLC) in 2022 comprised of emerging leaders from across the state to work with PAR’s Staff and Board to increase the recruitment and engagement of younger generations and champion initiatives and research relevant to their fellow citizens. PAR’s FLC plays a critical role in supporting the strategic initiatives related to membership recruitment, membership engagement, marketing and communications, research, fundraising, partnerships, and other relevant initiatives focused on engaging the next generations of Louisiana citizens.


FLC members have the following qualities:

  • Age 25 – 40
  • Passion for and commitment to PAR’s mission, vision, and priorities
  • Proven track record of personal and professional success
  • High level of civic and community engagement in Louisiana
  • Collaborative and communicative working style

FLC members must agree to the following responsibilities:

  • Supporting FLC initiatives between meetings (must “champion” at least one FLC priority annually)
  • Joining and donating to PAR (no set minimum besides membership)
  • Serving as an ambassador for PAR in the community promoting the organization’s work and success
  • Committing to recruit at least 5 new PAR members annually
  • Attending PAR events when able
  • Remaining informed on issues relevant to PAR and the initiatives of the FLC


Evan Boudreaux, Matt Dardenne, Trey Godfrey, Seth Irby, Makesha Judson, Tyler Litt, Criketa Matlock, Ethan Melancon, Katie Mitchell, Meaghan McCormack, Josef Ventulan and Therese Walker

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