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  • 02.19.2024

    RESET Louisiana Calls for Thoughtful Decisions in Crime Special Session

    • Legislature

    As lawmakers start work in a special session called by Gov. Jeff Landry to address crime, RESET Louisiana urges the House and Senate to make decisions based on data and best practices known to reduce violent crime rather than backpedaling on reform.

  • 02.14.2024

    PAR Statement on Blue Cross Sale

    A proposed sale of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana to Elevance Health involves the creation of a $3 billion foundation, the Accelerate Louisiana Initiative. The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana has concerns about the structure of the governing board that will oversee the foundation, particularly the appointment of a board member by […]

  • 02.09.2024

    New Governor’s First Budget

    • Budget and Fiscal Reforms
    • Executive Branch

    Gov. Jeff Landry’s first set of budget recommendations as governor prioritizes increased spendingon Louisiana’s prison system and an expansion of the State Police force while keeping spending largely flat on most other programs and services.

  • 01.23.2024

    Mapping the Future: Redistricting Do-Over

    • Legislature
    • Redistricting

    Gov. Jeff Landry launched his first special session in office with a lengthy to-do list. Lawmakers gave him the congressional map he preferred and a portion of the election system redesign he desired. The rest of the agenda ended up on the cutting room floor, with the ideas likely to reappear in future legislative sessions.

  • 01.12.2024

    Partisan Primaries a Move Backward

    • Elections
    • Legislature

    Louisiana’s first legislative session of the new administration and new term will include proposals to change the state’s primary election system from an open primary to a closed one, an issue never highlighted by candidates in the 2023 elections.

  • 01.11.2024

    Court Redistricting Lacks Transparency

    • Redistricting
    • Supreme Court

    As a majority of the Louisiana Supreme Court justices crafted a proposed map to redesign the court’s seven districts and include a second majority-minority seat, they forgot to include one highly important thing: Transparency.

  • 11.14.2023

    Louisiana’s Mental Health

    Mental illnesses and other mental health problems have worsened in Louisiana and across the nation in recent years, according to federal data tracking the issue. COVID-19 only compounded the problem, causing social isolation, anxiety and financial hardship.

  • 10.11.2023

    Voter Turnout in Governor’s Elections

    • Elections

    With the end of Gov. John Bel Edwards’s second term, Louisiana voters head back to the polls Saturday for a gubernatorial primary that is expected to see lower turnout than some of the state’s prior governor’s elections over the last 20 years.

  • 09.19.2023

    PAR Guide to the 2023 Constitutional Amendments

    • Constitutional Amendments
    • Guide to Constitutional Amendments

    The 2023 Guide covers the potential impact of eight constitutional amendments the public will consider on the Oct. 14 and Nov. 18 ballots. This nonpartisan, educational review helps you understand the issues and the proposed changes so you can develop your own positions on each proposition. Download: PAR Guide to the 2023 Constitutional Amendments Download: […]

  • 09.19.2023

    PAR Guide to the 2023 Constitutional Amendments

    • Guide to Constitutional Amendments

    Voters are being asked to consider eight amendments to the Louisiana Constitution in this fall’s election cycle, with the proposals split evenly across the Oct. 14 and Nov. 18 ballots. The issues involve election financing, retirement debt payments, property tax exemptions, veto session adjustments and protections for churches, among other topics.