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Louisiana Constitutional Reform Part II: An Enduring Fiscal Framework

PART II: An Enduring Fiscal Framework provides critical background information and recommendations for addressing potential reforms of the tax and spending portions of the state Constitution. This PART II report follows PAR’s previously published PART I: Getting the Foundation Right, which examined the best guiding principles in making a state constitution.

Louisiana Constitutional Reform Part I: Getting the Foundation Right

Louisiana Constitutional Reform Part I: Getting the Foundation Right. is the first of a two-part project to provide guidance to those seeking to reform the Louisiana Constitution. This report initiates a discussion of constitutional principles, including the purpose and function of a constitution, as well as more specific subject-matter guidelines regarding what an ideal constitution should contain. The principles and guidelines developed in Part I will set the stage for the in-depth analysis and recommendations that will come later in Part II. The report is intended to stimulate a discussion about what we should want, and not want, in our constitution.