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Complete Listing of Proposed and Adopted Amendments to Louisiana’s 1974


ArticleElectionBallot #AmendmentPass or Fail
Article I: Declaration of Rights
I11/08/227Limits on Involuntary ServitudeFail
I12/10/221Prohibit Voting for People Who Aren’t U.S. CitizensPass
I11/03/201No Right to AbortionPass
I11/06/181Felon in Public OfficePass
I11/06/182Unanimous Jury RequirementPass
I11/06/122Gun LawsPass
I11/02/108Sale of Expropriated PropertyPass
I11/02/1010Waivers of Jury Trials for Criminal DefendentsPass
I09/30/066Procedures to Transfer Expropriated PropertyPass
I09/30/065Limits on Expropriation of Private PropertyPass
I11/02/041Freedom to Hunt, Fish & TrapPass
I10/04/033Coastal Restoration LiabilityPass
I10/03/984Crime Victims’ RightsPass
I10/03/986Bail DenialPass
I10/03/989Felon in Public OfficePass
I10/03/9811State SovereigntyPass
I10/03/9814Jury RequirementsPass
I11/18/951Jury InstructionPass
I10/07/894Drug Property SeizurePass
Article II: Distribution of Powers
Article III: Legislative Branch
III11/18/231Deadlines to Veto Bills and Rules for Veto SessionsPass
III10/24/153Guidelines for Legislative Fiscal SessionFail
III11/06/123Public Retirement SystemsPass
III11/06/129Crime Prevention DistrictsPass
III11/02/101Salary Increases for Elected OfficialsPass
III10/02/101Legislative Session DatesPass
III10/04/0314Legislative Auditor’s Political ActivityFail
III11/05/021Legislative SessionsPass
III10/23/991Legislative SessionsFail
III10/23/993Biennial State BudgetingFail
III10/21/952Term Limits for LegislatorsPass
III10/21/958Local Hunting or Fishing LawsFail
III10/16/931Legislative SessionsPass
III10/03/924Effective Date of LawsPass
III10/19/918Notice of Local/Special BillsFail
III10/06/901Regular Legislative SessionsPass
III10/07/899Organizational Session; VetoesPass
III11/06/844Organizational Sessions of the LegislatureFail
Article IV: Executive Branch
IV11/02/101Salary Increases for Elected OfficialsPass
IV09/30/0612Vacancy in Statewide Elected OfficesPass
IV11/20/991Board of Pardons ApprovalPass
IV10/23/993Biennial State BudgetingFail
IV10/23/998First-Time Felon PardonsPass
IV09/27/867Shorten the “Lame Duck” Period for Statewide Elected OfficialsPass
Article V: Judicial Branch
V10/12/193Board of Tax Appeals JurisdictionPass
V11/02/019Judgment of Workers’ Compensation ClaimsPass
V11/04/066New Family and Juvenile JudgeshipsPass
V10/04/0313Judges’ QualificationsPass
V10/04/0315Judge’s Retirement AgePass
V11/05/0212Livingston Parish CoronerFail
V11/20/996Jury Exemption for EldersPass
V10/21/954Mandatory Retirement for JudgesFail
V10/01/943Juveniles Tried as AdultsPass
V10/01/944Family Court JurisdictionPass
V11/03/926Family Court JurisdictionFail
V10/06/905Workers’ CompensationPass
V10/07/895Supreme Court JudgesFail
V11/21/871Appointment of Temporary Lower Court JudgesPass
V09/27/866Clarify Authority of Supreme Court to Appoint Temporary JudgesFail
V10/22/831Fewer Special Elections for JudgesPass
V11/04/801Appeal of Criminal CasesPass
V10/27/792Adult Trials for Certain Juvenile OffendersPass
Article VI: Local Government
VI11/13/213Taxing Authority for New Levee DistrictsFail
VI09/30/063Regional Flood Protection AuthoritiesPass
VI09/30/064Hurricane Protection LiabilityPass
VI09/30/065Limits on Expropriation of Private PropertyPass
VI09/30/069State Mandates on School SpendingPass
VI11/05/963Sales Tax Exemptions – Local, State or BothPass
VI10/21/957Limit Local Tax VotesPass
VI10/01/942Louisiana Recovery DistrictPass
VI11/03/92 1992 Louisiana Constitutional Convention Amendment: Local Sales Tax ExemptionsFail
VI11/03/92 1992 Louisiana Constitutional Convention Amendment: Local Occupational License TaxFail
VI10/19/911State Mandates on LocalsPass
VI10/06/9013New Orleans Property TaxPass
VI10/07/896District and Appeals JudgesFail
VI10/07/8910Municipal Property TaxFail
VI04/29/89 1989 First Special Session Amendment (Act 1)Fail
VI09/27/862Limit Levee District TaxesFail
Article VII: Revenue and Finance
VII11/18/234Rule Changes for the Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund Fail
VII11/18/233Property Tax Exemptions for First Responders Pass
VII11/18/232Repeals of Inactive Special Funds in the ConstitutionPass
VII10/14/234Property Tax Exemptions for Nonprofit OrganizationsPass
VII10/14/233Surplus Spending on Retirement Debt Pass
VII11/08/228Property Tax Assessments for Certain People with DisabilitiesPass
VII11/08/226Property Tax Assessment Increases in Orleans ParishFail
VII11/08/225Local Authority Over Property Tax RatesFail
VII11/08/224Waiving Charges for Water Use if Infrastructure DamagedPass
VII11/08/222Property Tax Exemptions for Veterans with DisabilitiesPass
VII11/08/221Larger Stock Investments for Trust FundsFail
VII11/13/214Tapping More Dedicated Money to Fix a DeficitFail
VII11/13/212Tax ReformPass
VII11/13/211Sales Tax Streamlining Fail
VII11/03/202Oil and Gas Well AssessmentPass
VII11/03/203Rainy Day Fund and DisastersPass
VII11/03/204State Budget Expenditure LimitFail
VII11/03/205Payments Instead of Property TaxesFail
VII11/03/206Expanded Property Tax FreezesPass
VII11/03/207New Fund for Unclaimed Property ProtectionPass
VII10/12/191Offshore Goods Property Tax ExemptionFail
VII10/12/192Add Schools to the Education Excellence FundPass
VII10/12/194New Orleans Tax Exemption for Affordable HousingFail
VII11/06/183Donations in Political SubdivisionsPass
VII11/06/184Transportation Trust FundPass
VII11/06/185Property Tax ExemptionPass
VII11/06/186Property Tax IncreasesPass
VII10/14/171Property Tax ExemptionPass
VII10/14/172Property Tax ExemptionPass
VII10/14/173Transportation Trust FundPass
VII11/08/164Ad Valorem Tax ExemptionPass
VII11/08/165Revenue Stabilization Trust FundPass
VII11/08/166Constitution DedicationsFail
VII10/24/151Budget Stabilization FundFail
VII10/24/152State Infrastructure BankPass
VII10/24/154Property Tax ExemptionPass
VII11/04/141Medical Assistance Trust FundPass
VII11/04/142Hospital Stabilization FundPass
VII11/04/143Tax Sale FeesFail
VII11/04/144State Infrastructure BankFail
VII11/04/147Property Tax ExemptionPass
VII11/04/148Artificial Reef Development FundPass
VII11/04/149Tax Exemption for DisabledFail
VII11/04/1410Tax Sale of Vacant PropertyPass
VII11/04/1413Orleans Lower Ninth Ward Vacant PropertyFail
VII11/06/121Medicaid Trust Fund for the ElderlyPass
VII11/06/124Homestead ExemptionPass
VII11/06/126Property Tax ExemptionsFail
VII11/06/128Property Tax ExemptionsPass
VII11/19/111Taxes and Fees on Sale or Transfer of Real EstatePass
VII10/22/111Funding TOPS & Sustaining Cigarette Tax RevenuePass
VII10/22/112Reduce Financial Liability of State Retirement SystemsPass
VII10/22/114Manage Budget Stabilization “Rainy Day” FundFail
VII10/22/115Update Census Change in New Orleans Tax Sale LawFail
VII11/02/102Severance Tax AllocationsPass
VII11/02/103Homestead Exemption for Disabled VeteransPass
VII11/02/104Property Tax Millage Rate Increases by Non-elected BodiesFail
VII11/02/105Post-disaster Occupancy Grace PeriodPass
VII11/02/107Tax Sales for Delinquent Property TaxesFail
VII11/04/084State Severance Taxes to ParishesFail
VII11/04/085Property Tax AssessmentsFail
VII11/04/087Supplemental PayFail
VII10/20/071Supplemental Pay ProtectionPass
VII10/20/074Property Tax Exemption for Consigned JewerlyFail
VII11/07/061Property Tax Assessment Freeze for Military and DisabledPass
VII11/07/062Parish Severance Tax AllocationPass
VII11/07/063Property TaxExemption for LeasedMedical EquipmentPass
VII11/07/064Municipal Property Tax Exemption for Motor VehiclesPass
VII11/07/065Property Tax Exemption for Consigned ArtPass
VII11/07/067Consolidation of the New Orleans AssessorsPass
VII09/30/061Coastal Protection and Restoration FundPass
VII09/30/062Consolidation of Coastal FundsPass
VII09/30/067Medicaid Trust Fund InvestmentPass
VII09/30/068Homestead Exemption and Special Assessments for Damaged HomesPass
VII09/30/0610Higher Education InvestmentsPass
VII09/30/0611Homestead Exemption for Homes in Revocable TrustsPass
VII11/02/042Homestead ExemptionPass
VII11/02/044Agricultural & Seafood FundPass
VII10/04/031Wetlands Conservation and Restoration FundPass
VII10/04/032Louisiana Coastal Restoration FundPass
VII10/04/036TIMED ProjectsPass
VII10/04/037State Infrastructure BankFail
VII10/04/038Offshore Drilling Rigs Tax BreakPass
VII10/04/0311Budget Stabilization FundPass
VII10/04/0313Leasing Local PropertyFail
VII11/05/022Income/Sales Tax SwapPass
VII11/05/023Budget AdjustmentsPass
VII11/05/025Retirement Communities Tax BreakFail
VII11/05/026Supplemental PayPass
VII11/05/027One-Time Filing for Senior Tax BreakPass
VII11/05/028Higher Education InvestmentsFail
VII11/05/029Medicaid Trust Fund InvestmentFail
VII11/05/0210Groundwater ConservationFail
VII11/05/0211Offshore Drilling Rigs Tax BreakFail
VII11/07/002State Personal Income Tax ChangeFail
VII11/07/003State Food and Utilities Sales Tax RepealFail
VII11/07/004Donation of Public FundsFail
VII11/20/992Wildlife Trust FundsPass
VII10/23/992Tobacco Trust FundPass
VII10/23/993Biennial State BudgetingFail
VII10/23/995Donation of Surplus PropertyPass
VII10/23/996Donation of AsphaltPass
VII10/23/9910Orleans Blighted PropertyFail
VII10/03/981Community College SystemPass
VII10/03/982Parish Severance Tax AllocationPass
VII10/03/985“Rainy Day” Fund and Uses of Nonrecurring MoneyPass
VII10/03/987State Infrastructure BankFail
VII100/3/988Homestead Assessment for SeniorsPass
VII10/03/9810Court-Ordered TaxesPass
VII10/03/9812Millage Roll Up Hearing NoticePass
VII10/03/9813Flood Emergency FundingPass
VII10/03/9815Blighted PropertyPass
VII10/03/9816Downtown Residential PropertyFail
VII10/03/9817Property Tax SalePass
VII10/03/9818Vidalia Property Tax ExemptionFail
VII11/05/962Donation of Abandoned HousingPass
VII09/21/962Intangible Property ExemptionPass
VII10/21/956Two-thirds Vote for FeesPass
VII10/21/9510Mineral Revenue Fund UsePass
VII10/21/9511Oilfield Site Restoration FundPass
VII10/21/9512Oil Spill Contingency FundPass
VII10/21/9514Redeeming New Orleans PropertyPass
VII10/21/9515Donating Abandoned HomesPass
VII10/01/941Investing the Education Trust FundPass
VII10/16/932State Debt LimitPass
VII10/16/933Feasibility Studies/Spending LimitPass
VII10/16/934Nonrecurring RevenuesPass
VII10/16/935Agency Debt CostsPass
VII10/16/936Mobile Home Tax ExemptionPass
VII11/03/92 1992 Louisiana Constitutional Convention Amendment: General Obligation DebtFail
VII11/03/92 1992 Louisiana Constitutional Convention Amendment: Nonrecurring RevenuesFail
VII11/03/92 1992 Louisiana Constitutional Convention Amendment: Statutory DedicationsFail
VII11/03/92 1992 Louisiana Constitutional Convention Amendment: State Expenditure LimitFail
VII11/03/92 1992 Louisiana Constitutional Convention Amendment: Budget Reduction AuthorityFail
VII11/03/92 1992 Louisiana Constitutional Convention Amendment: Feasibility Study for Capital Outlay ProjectsFail
VII11/03/92 1992 Louisiana Constitutional Convention Amendment: Capital Budget PrioritiesFail
VII11/03/92 1992 Louisiana Constitutional Convention Amendment: Industrial Tax Exemption Job CriteriaFail
VII11/03/92 1992 Louisiana Constitutional Convention Amendment: Local Government ScholarshipsFail
VII11/03/921Investment of 8(g) Fund in StocksFail
VII11/03/922Use of Public FundsFail
VII10/03/921Home Builders’ Property Tax ExemptionFail
VII10/03/922Homestead Exemption for Mobile HomesFail
VII10/19/912Use of Public FundsFail
VII10/19/914New Fund for Higher EducationPass
VII10/19/915Mineral Settlement MoneyPass
VII10/19/917Single Parish Sales Tax CollectorPass
VII10/06/902State Budget ControlsPass
VII10/06/903Education Trust FundPass
VII10/06/908College Stock AcquisitionPass
VII10/06/909Local Inheritance TaxPass
VII10/06/9010Wholesale Inventory Tax ExemptionPass
VII10/06/9011Tax Break for ImprovementsPass
VII10/06/9012Tax Break for Housing HomelessPass
VII10/06/9014Donations for IndustryFail
VII10/06/9015Lignite Tax DedicationPass
VII10/07/891Transportation FundPass
VII10/07/892Wetlands FundPass
VII10/07/893Tax-Exempt InventoryFail
VII10/07/898Donations for IndustryFail
VII10/07/8911Auto License TaxPass
VII10/07/8912Tax Break for ImprovementsFail
VII10/07/8913Lignite Tax AllocationFail
VII04/29/89 1989 First Special Session Amendment (Act 1)Fail
VII10/01/881Five-Year Property Tax Assessment Freeze for Housing RestorationFail
VII11/21/872Constitutional Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation FundPass
VII09/27/861Dedicate 8(g) WindfallPass
VII09/27/864Permit Increase in $3 Auto License TagFail
VII09/27/865Relax Restriction on Refunding State DebtFail
VII11/06/841Limit State Spending, Use Surpluses for a Rainy Day Fund and Economic DevelopmentFail
VII11/06/842Vehicle Inventory Tax ExemptionFail
VII11/06/843Corporate Income Tax IncreaseFail
VII10/22/832Return of Expropriated PropertyPass
VII09/11/821Property Tax ExemptionPass
VII09/11/822Tax AssessmentsPass
VII09/11/823Property Tax ExemptionPass
VII09/11/824Homestead ExemptionFail
VII09/11/825Refinancing of State DebtFail
VII11/04/802Increase Homestead ExemptionPass
VII11/04/804Property Tax Millage AdjustmentPass
VII10/27/791Raising Assessments on Public Service PropertyPass
Article VIII: Education
VIII12/05/201Out-of-State Members of College BoardsFail
Article X: Public Officials and Employees
X11/08/223Political Activity for Civil Service Workers when Family Members Run for OfficeFail
X12/10/223Senate Confirmation of State Police Commission MembersPass
X12/10/222Senate Confirmation of Civil Service Commission MembersPass
X11/06/123Public Retirement SystemsPass
X11/06/125Public Retirement BenefitsPass
X11/06/127Boards and CommissionsPass
X11/02/106Legislative Votes for Retirement Benefit ChangesPass
X11/02/102Civil Service Status for GOHSEP EmployeesPass
X10/20/20072Supplemental Pay ExpansionPass
X10/20/20073Funding of State Retirement SystemsPass
X11/2/20043Veterans’ PreferencePass
X11/5/20024Removal of Public EmployeesPass
X10/6/19907Supplemental PayPass
X10/7/19897Ethics BoardFail
X11/21/19873Actuarial Funding, Retirement SystemsPass
X11/21/19875Nominees, New Orleans City Civil Service CommissionPass
X9/27/19863Fill a Nominating Vacancy for New Orleans Civil Service CommissionFail
X11/6/19845New Orleans Civil Service CommissionFail
X9/11/19827Allow Referees to Decide Appeals of State Civil Service EmployeesPass
Article XI: Elections
 XI 10/14/23 1 Prohibiting Donations to Conduct Elections Pass
Article XII: General Provisions
XII10/14/232Protection for Worship in ChurchesPass
XII9/18/20041Defense of Marriage ActPass
XII10/4/20035LWCC BoardPass
XII10/4/20039Dedication of Lottery Procedes for EducationPass
XII10/4/200310Administrative Law SystemFail
XII11/7/20001Louisiana, Inc.Fail
XII11/20/19994Workers’ Compensation Corporation, No SalePass
XII11/20/19995Workers’ Compensation Corporation, Join LIGAPass
XII9/21/19961Local Voters Approval of GamblingPass
XII10/21/19951Abolish Forced HeirshipPass
XII10/21/19953State and Local Liability LimitPass
XII11/3/19924Lottery Dedication for Health InsuranceFail
XII10/19/19916State Workers’ Compensation FundPass
XII10/6/19904State LotteryPass
Article XIII: Constitutional Revisions
XIII11/06/123Public Retirement SystemsPass
XIII11/3/1992 1992 Louisiana Constitutional Convention Amendment: Constitutional Amendment ProcedureFail
XIII11/3/19923Limited Constitutional ConventionFail
Article XIV: Transitional Provisions
XIV9/27/867Shorten “Lame Duck” Period for Statewide Elected OfficialsPass
XIV11/6/19843Corporate Income Tax Increase