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Governor’s Records Should Remain Open

Just as it appeared one awful public records exemption bill may be defeated for the current legislative session, another damaging exemption idea could take its place.

New Governor’s First Budget

Gov. Jeff Landry’s first set of budget recommendations as governor prioritizes increased spendingon Louisiana’s prison system and an expansion of the State Police force while keeping spending largely flat on most other programs and services.

Open more governor’s records to public scrutiny, PAR says

In the 2008 and 2009 legislative sessions, the list of records relating to the work of the governor that could be kept off-limits to the public was expanded. This session, proposals are being considered that would reverse some of those changes and create a more open and transparent governor’s office. Both the House and Senate […]

PAR says public records bill would stifle open government

Two bills introduced this session, which would have opened most of the governor’s records to the public, are all but dead due to strong opposition from the administration. Instead, the administration supports SB 278, which purports to move Louisiana forward in executive branch transparency but would actually deliver a devastating blow to open government. SB […]

Records bill would thwart transparency, PAR says

Louisiana law generally provides that documents of public bodies shall be open to the public. However, hundreds of exceptions to the general rule have been created both in statute and case law. This session, the Legislature is again considering redefining the public records exception for the office of the governor. One bill (SB 278) being […]