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Louisiana Public Records Resources

1002087lastatesealThe public records law enable citizens to request, review and receive copies of the records of governmental agencies, employees and officials. Public records include all documentary materials, regardless of physical form, prepared or used by public bodies for a function that is authorized by law. A few examples of public records includes books, records, writings, letters, emails and all documents used by public bodies unless specifically exempted in law.

This section contains resources for citizens on Louisiana’s Public Records Law.

Along the left hand menu bar, you will find documents and tools on Louisiana’s Public Records Law. A few highlights:

Legal Resources – A copy of the law, as well as a plain language translation is provided. A case law summary of key public records decisions is also provided.

Tools – An overview of how to request a public record can be found here. A template letter for public records requests is provided. An automated letter generator can be found here. The Citizens Rights Card link provides you an html and pdf link to an overview of your rights under Louisiana’s Sunshine laws.

Additional Materials – A list of the custodians of public records for Louisiana state agencies is provided.

Public Records Fact Sheets

The state public records law establishes what information must be shared with the public.

Technology Fact Sheets

New ways to store information and communicate through technology are developing quickly.