Steven Procopio

Steven Procopio, Ph.D.

Dr. Steven Procopio joined the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana as Policy Director in 2014 where he guided PAR’s research agenda. In 2021 Steven was chosen to continue to lead PAR as the organization’s President. He previously served as Chief of Staff of the Louisiana Division of Administration where he worked on a number of transparency and fiscal issues. Prior to working at the Division, Steven was the Director of Research and Accountability for the Lt. Governor’s office and the Department of Culture Recreation and Tourism. In that role he was responsible for research on Louisiana’s cultural economy and legislative initiatives.

Steven is also the original Director of the Louisiana State University Public Policy Research Lab where he worked on a variety of policy issues for state agencies, nonprofits and academic researchers.

Steven is an Alexandria native with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Political Science from LSU. His doctorate in Political Science is from Indiana University. He has expertise in statistical techniques, mathematical modeling and survey analysis.

Steven is a former university instructor and lecturer who has produced a number of professional papers and publications in academic journals. For his work with the Student Government Association on hurricane response efforts, he earned the 2005-2006 LSU SGA Faculty of the Year Service Award.