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Mapping the Future: Redistricting Do-Over

Gov. Jeff Landry launched his first special session in office with a lengthy to-do list. Lawmakers gave him the congressional map he preferred and a portion of the election system redesign he desired. The rest of the agenda ended up on the cutting room floor, with the ideas likely to reappear in future legislative sessions.

Partisan Primaries a Move Backward

Louisiana’s first legislative session of the new administration and new term will include proposals to change the state’s primary election system from an open primary to a closed one, an issue never highlighted by candidates in the 2023 elections.

Court Redistricting Lacks Transparency

As a majority of the Louisiana Supreme Court justices crafted a proposed map to redesign the court’s seven districts and include a second majority-minority seat, they forgot to include one highly important thing: Transparency.

Judicial Study Stonewalled

Louisiana lawmakers, with judicial backing, launched an important study last year to determine the workload of different courts, an effort aimed at ensuring tax dollars are appropriately spent and different judges aren’t saddled with higher caseloads than their peers. 

Managing Medicaid Disenrollment

Louisiana has started removing tens of thousands of people from the state’s Medicaid program, more than 50,000 so far, either because they no longer qualify for the taxpayer financed health insurance or at least haven’t proven they remain eligible.

2023 Legislative Session: Breaching the Cap

Louisiana lawmakers wrapped up their work in a contentious regular session with a chaotic, last-minute flurry of votes on a budget plan that charted spending for the next year, divvied up $2.2 billion in short-term cash and completed the only must-do item for legislators.

Tax Collections Surge Higher

Louisiana’s surging tax collections still haven’t tapered off, with the newest forecasts pouringadditional dollars into state coffers and further complicating tense legislative negotiations overwhat to do with all the cash.