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  • 06.04.2024

    2024 Session: Chipping Away at Sunshine

    • Budget and Fiscal Reforms
    • Executive Branch
    • Legislature

    A year after lawmakers passed the state budget in a frenzied final few minutes before theirdeadline, the Louisiana Legislature adopted a $49 billion compromise package of spending plansthis year with time to spare and no last-minute chaos in their three-month regular session.

  • 05.13.2024

    Governor’s Records Should Remain Open

    • Executive Branch
    • Open Meetings & Public Records

    Just as it appeared one awful public records exemption bill may be defeated for the current legislative session, another damaging exemption idea could take its place.

  • 05.10.2024

    Another Budget Windfall

    • Budget and Fiscal Reforms

    A boost to Louisiana’s state income projections will give lawmakers more money to spend over the next 14 months, even as the post-pandemic financial surge continues to taper off and a fiscal downturn edges ever closer.

  • 04.29.2024

    Budget Debate Focuses on Education

    • Budget and Fiscal Reforms
    • Education, K-12

    The state budget crafted by the Louisiana House steers new money to public school programs at the expense of early childhood education, while maintaining the governor’s push to grow spending on state prisons and police.

  • 04.22.2024

    PAR Urges Lawmakers to Safeguard Public Access to Government Records

    • Open Meetings & Public Records

    Louisiana’s lawmakers have a significant opportunity to protect their constituents’ access to theinformation needed to hold public officials accountable and understand the decisions about howtheir tax dollars are used.

  • 04.02.2024

    PAR Statement on a Proposed Constitutional Convention

    The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana believes the state needs constitutional reform after years of cluttering Louisiana’s primary governing document with hundreds of amendments and provisions best left to statute.

  • 03.26.2024

    Expanding School Choice

    • Budget and Fiscal Reforms
    • Education, K-12

    Education savings accounts are the newest, most expansive evolution of school choice programs in the United States, already adopted by several states and under consideration in many others, including Louisiana. The programs promise to revolutionize how K-12 education is structured, steering public tax dollars to private educational options for students.

  • 03.14.2024

    Complete Listing of Proposed and Adopted Amendments to Louisiana’s 1974

    • Guide to Constitutional Amendments

      Article Election Ballot # Amendment Pass or Fail Article I: Declaration of Rights I 11/08/22 7 Limits on Involuntary Servitude Fail I 12/10/22 1 Prohibit Voting for People Who Aren’t U.S. Citizens Pass I 11/03/20 1 No Right to Abortion Pass I 11/06/18 1 Felon in Public Office Pass I 11/06/18 2 Unanimous Jury […]

  • 03.12.2024

    Voting on Louisiana Proposed Constitutional Amendments 1978-2023

    • Guide to Constitutional Amendments

    Voting on Louisiana Proposed Constitutional Amendments 1978-2023 November 18, 2023 1.) Deadlines to Veto Bills and Rules for Veto Sessions. A vote for would allow lawmakers to try to override a governor’s bill rejections without calling a separate veto session if they are already in a legislative session and add further details about the deadlines […]

  • 02.19.2024

    RESET Louisiana Calls for Thoughtful Decisions in Crime Special Session

    • Legislature

    As lawmakers start work in a special session called by Gov. Jeff Landry to address crime, RESET Louisiana urges the House and Senate to make decisions based on data and best practices known to reduce violent crime rather than backpedaling on reform.

  • 02.14.2024

    PAR Statement on Blue Cross Sale

    A proposed sale of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana to Elevance Health involves the creation of a $3 billion foundation, the Accelerate Louisiana Initiative. The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana has concerns about the structure of the governing board that will oversee the foundation, particularly the appointment of a board member by […]

  • 02.09.2024

    New Governor’s First Budget

    • Budget and Fiscal Reforms
    • Executive Branch

    Gov. Jeff Landry’s first set of budget recommendations as governor prioritizes increased spendingon Louisiana’s prison system and an expansion of the State Police force while keeping spending largely flat on most other programs and services.

  • 01.23.2024

    Mapping the Future: Redistricting Do-Over

    • Legislature
    • Redistricting

    Gov. Jeff Landry launched his first special session in office with a lengthy to-do list. Lawmakers gave him the congressional map he preferred and a portion of the election system redesign he desired. The rest of the agenda ended up on the cutting room floor, with the ideas likely to reappear in future legislative sessions.